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Tell us some details about your special event - we will create a custom ceremony, ritual and agenda. AND - we will video the occasion, too!


Officiating - Coupleship Services

Progressive & Transformational Solutions.
Visionary Concepts & Techniques
For Creating More Harmonious Relationships

Sacred Ceremonies of Matrimony

JoyRae Freeman is a master healer, ordained minister, spiritual Teacher, matchmaker and event planner, who believes we can create a better world through more conscious marriages - building couples for the 21st Century.

    * Pre-Marital Coaching
    * Wedding/Event Planning
    * Relationship Healing
    * Custom Vows
    * Ceremonies Officiated
    * Marriage Clinics
    * Couples Retreats
    * Individual Healing & Empowerment
    * Communications Coaching

Universal Celebrations & Services

Adelle & Jeremy

Sacred Cremony

How JOY2U Ministries Serves

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  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Speaking
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  • Hospice
  • Inspirational Services
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