Freedom Through Love & Harmony

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JOY2U Events

All of our activities and events are created for the sole/soul purpose of empowering others. Our belief is that each person is like a cell in the body of humanity and that as each cell becomes whole.  Each whole person then is self actualized for personal fulfillment and to be an important part of co-creating a better world. 


  • Ceremonies
  • Rituals
  • Family & Group Mediation
  • Weddings
  • Funerals

Workshops & Group Events



Speaking ~ Meetings, Conferences

•  Conscious Mating
•  21st Century Leadership
•  Employee Relations & Empowerment
•  Becoming a Spiritual Warrior
•  Sacred Sexuality - Portal to Higher Dimensions
•  Conscious Communications - Non Violent Dialogue
•  Divine Self - Self Awareness/Esteem/Empowerment and Fulfillment
•  Creativity - a Portal for Growth & Fulfillment
•  The Yin/Yang of Balancing  Your Personal and Work Life
•  Cultivating Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
•  Conflict Resolution and Alternatives to Violence
•  Flying Solo - Being Happily Single in the 21st Century
•  Esssential Peacemaking - Women & Men (Gender Conflict Resolution)
•  Women's Health - 4 Point Alignment
•  Men's Health, Vitality and Sexual Longevity
•  Getting High Naturally - For Adults, Teens, Families

Example of Mini Events - 2-4 Hours