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This image of a Spiritual Warrior by Mike Pitts (RIP)

Most of the images on this website and others - were created by Mike Pitts during the early 2000's.  We never met in person, but I would send him a rough draft or a description of what I wanted and he would send me the proofs and final images. 

Mike was extremely talented with graphics; but was battling various health issues. Over time, I hadn't heard from him and  could not find him at the contact phone and email I had - so I believe he has passed on to the higher realms. 

I am eternally grateful for Mike's talent - which has made a huge contribution to my online presence.



What Is A Spiritual Warrior?

Part I

A spiritual warrior – now, just what does that mean?
I think I’m one – I know some – and, it certainly seems..
Like no one quite ordinary on a measuring stick;
A misfit, a maverick, with most it doesn’t fit.
Where do they come from - and where will they go?
Where they please or need be – always with the flow.
What causes them to be like that, instead of like the rest?
I’ve heard it’s their assignment, it’s sort of like a test.
You see – when they see truth, they can’t help but say it.
And if they see an ugly game, they just can’t seem to play it.
It’s like they are allergic, or can’t understand the reasons . . .
Others shirk from honor, love & truth - choosing lies & treason.
They see the bigger picture – one with golden light and peace;
One far more rewarding than all the trinkets earned with ease.
And if you ask them what they fear, “Not much,” I’d bet they say.
It’s true for those who’ve nothing left to ruin or steal away.
We can’t, we won’t – give up our right to peace and harmony.
Inside ourselves, for all we touch – free spirits we must be.



I’m here recruiting warriors, It’s my assignment, I’ve been told.
To qualify – it’s easy … Know your truth, be strong and bold.
Wimps shan’t apply – so sorry! But it wouldn’t work at all –
To bring someone who can’t believe “Mongst those so straight and tall.
What do we do, you want to know . . What kind of life we’ll live?
Many skills we need, I promise you… You’ll get back what you give.
Some things you won’t be needing – May as well leave them behind:
Anger, fear, deception, greed – With us no need you’ll find.
Just bring your love & hope & trust – Believe in how it’s meant to be.
We’ll all go dancing in the light With peace, love and harmony.

Joy Rae Freeman - Spiritual Warrior Recruiter

Go Ahead & Bug Me!

Hey - NSA

You can do a wiretap and “bug” my phone.
Try finding terrorist evidence right in my home;
Video me on the streets, stores and byways
Search my email for key words, scan my eyes;

I’ve nothing to hide - actually, I’m here to shout
You are more than welcome to it – let’s bring it out
I’ll even bring it to you – cuz my message is clear
I AM spreading the truth, boldly right in your ear

I will NOT cower in fear, get depressed, or be silent;
You will NOT own my body - I will not repent
I will NOT pay you to poison me; I will NOT nod my head
I WILL refuse to be lied to, I will stand up instead

You cannot shut my light out, you will NOT make me shy
I will be even bolder - looking you right in the eye
Your evil days are now over –  your control fades away
We WILL stay united – getting stronger each day

I want you to know me – I want you to see
That the light is relentless and needs to be free
We want you to hear us – our voices rising so strong
We will raise the vibration until WE ARE ALL ONE

I see you’re getting more desperate - that’s good news to us
We’re not reckless nor violent; strength in numbers we do trust  
We’ve been waiting for EONS to do what we’re here for
Ready, willing and able "Bring it on" - heard that before?

And if you do bother messing with my email; Viruses, computer bugs with us are doomed to fail.
For every mega-tech/media corp you own –
Maverick techies by the dozens see giants overthrown!

So go ahead and BUG ME – try your tactics a plenty
I want you to see how we’re strong and so many
We stand firmly, divinely IN LOVE, TRUTH & LIGHT
There’s no darkness enough – no matter how long the night

JoyRae Freeman  2007

Spiritual Bill Of Rights

Spiritual Bill of Rights Summary  
1. All Beings are created equal and possess the same qualities, attributes, and desire for Unity and Freedom as their Creator.

2. All Beings are granted full freedom of Divine Expression, Divine Voice, Divine      Movement and Divine Activity as their Spirit directs them without the interference,   manipulation or judgment by another Being.

3. All Beings are entitled to all resources that are required to maintain Life in Physicality without respect to the nature and substance of their physical embodiment, their personal beliefs, or their behaviors and actions. The mere fact that one is alive     confers respect, love and honor.

4. All Expression of the Creator are living Beings, whether animal, mineral, or Pure      Energy, and are accorded the rights previously stated.  This includes Planets and all Celestial Forms.

5. All Beings may disagree with any other Beings without fear of intimidation, retribution,  imprisonment, torture, or death.

6. All Beings have an Eternal Passport to Creation.  No expiration date and no travel    restrictions.

7. All Beings recognize that all forms of legal governance are imperfect and temporary, and that the ultimate Divine Authority resides within each individual.  No temporal authority has rights or laws greater than the One Truth and Reality that is inherent in each representative of the Supreme Individuation of the One Life and Power, henceforth referred to as God, Spirit, All That Is, I AM THAT I AM.

8. All Beings have a right to consciously and mindfully terminate their physical     experience if it no longer serves their Evolution, or if their physical vehicle is damaged or diseased beyond repair.

9. All Beings have the right to joy, play, laughter and Love.  It is the only purpose for     Life.
These nine Rights are simple, and if applied, would transform your world. Every expression of humanity to feel free and unfettered comes from these Laws that are written in all of our Hearts.  They guarantee or mutually security, our mutual benefit, our mutual desire for peace and happiness.  It will take some more time, patience and compassion for the full awakening within the breast of humanity, and be ever mindful that as those in fear attempt to use fear as a weapon to appropriate ever more control and power, know that you are given even more of an opportunity to stand tall and to demonstrate your spirituality through enlighten politics and a steady voice.

When you center into your I Am Presence, the Voice of Truth will resonate forth from you like a silvered trumpet, clear and commanding, and the souls around you will pause and remember the Law in their Heart of Hearts.  Just sing forth your song, and the walls of fear will shatter and fall into dust!

Be of good courage and joyous, for as was said before, when you see times that trouble you know that the hour of salvation and victory is close.  Know that the Victory is ours and cannot be forestalled or prevented.  This I, St. Germain declare as my I AM PRESENCE to your I AM.  And so it is!